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 Family sailing holidays

- Niños jugando en la playa -

Would you like to organize a vacation with your children on a sailboat but do not know if it's feasible?

We have found that it is not only possible, but is also a perfect plan for family holidays:

- Niños disfrutando de la cocina -
And kids will live for some days in a new world, with new activities and rules, which will never forget. They will be close to nature and learn many new things, making their holidays somethig unrepeatable. Sailing, shore excursions, dinghy rides, swimming from the boat or on the beach, everything is a happy event for them.
- Disfrutando de una siesta - Parents live a different experience, disconnecting from everything and starting to enjoy from the first moment, no need to deal with meals or cleaning. Is an opportunity to learn to sail, discover a new way of living, or just relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

- Niños disfrutando de la cocina -

It is also the perfect opportunity to get closer to children and enjoy with them, forgetting the hustle and duties that affect, in daily life, the relationship between parents and children.
If you feel like sailing with your family, don't wait, this is your chance.

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