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 Travesías oceánicas

- Vista aérea de la cubierta de nuestro velero Tam-Tam After the summer, during the second half of October we set sail on a passage to the Canary Islands, in about 10-12 days. This will be the choice for those wishing to try the unique adventure of oceannavigation, but does not have time enough for an Atlantic crossing

- Cubierta del velero - - Manejando el velero bajo el agradable sol -

For those who dare to challenge the legendary Atlantic, we will sail in late November to the Caribbean, on a cruise that will last about 20 days. You'll be surprised how pleasant it is this type of blue water sailing; This is an opportunity to fulfill a dream that many have and few ever carry out: offshore sailing on the long Atlantic waves under the tropical sun and pushed by trade winds that turn this 3000 miles journey into a lifetime experience. Also the return trip can be an opportunity to fulfill a dream: Crossing the North Atlantic. It will be in the spring, after the season in the Caribbean, and in two stages: Caribbean - Acores and Acores - Peninsula.

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