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 Prices 2023

S/Y Tam-Tam can be chartered in 3 different ways:
WHOLE BOAT: Booking for a minimum of 6 persons, you can enjoy the whole yacht for you and your group.
PER PERSON OR CABIN: If you are less than 6 and are happy sharing the cruise, you can book just your place or cabin and we will complete the minimum group.
FAMILIES: Please check our special offers for families with children.

- Velero Tam-Tam fondeado -

SUMMER 2023 (Balearics)

Season Price per person and week:
from 10/06 to 28/07 and from 9/9 to 29/9 940€
from 23/07 to 9/9 990€

Embarking: Saturdays 16:30
Disembarking: Fridays 18:00

WINTER SEASON 2022-2023(Caribbean)

Christmas in the Windwards
115€ person/day
Cruises in the Windwards
105€ person/day
Easter week in the Windwards
115€ person/day


Castellón - Cádiz
(September 2023)
440 €
Cádiz - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
(September 2023)
Las Palmas - Caribe
(November/diciembre 2023)
Caribe - Azores
(April 2024)
1.680 €
Azores - Cádiz
(May 2024)
- Velero Tam-Tam fondeado -

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